Why Boson Motors

Best User Experience

Boson Motors is pioneering the Intelligent Electrification of Light Commercial Vehicles(LCV) with homegrown innovations in battery & powertrain combined with Boson’s proprietary software.

We believe in providing the best user experience through electric and intelligent light utility vehicles. 

Boson programmable electric vehicles enable OEM's and Fleet's transition to the future.

Maintenance Simplicity

Boson designs, engineers and specifies the complete vehicle and service and support process. The final vehicle if assembled, final tested at the point-of-delivery.

Because of the simplicity of the design, the dealer’s service shop receives chassis, motor, harness, additional components, form third party sources, while Boson provides the battery and the Fleetwise software

Backed by Expertise

Boson is founded by Arun Seelam and Suri Bhupatiraju both xGoogle engineers. Between Arun and Suri, they represent deep experience in data analysis, artificial intelligence, and automotive technologies.



All Electric LP 20

In Feb 2020, we delivered our first batch of vehicles, powered by Boson. These vehicles are tested and certified road legal by Indian Motor Vehicle regulatory authorities. Call us to own a rugged electric powertrain with customizable vehicle software.

700 kg/1500 lb Payload

120 km/75 mi Range

3 h Charge 

9 inch touch screen

6.5ft X 4.5ft cargo bed

62 km/h top speed

Warranty 3 Year/70,000 km





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